Nairobi Barber Shop Bundle

Nairobi Barber Shop Bundle

  • $20.00

Two great new products to help you get your clients "lined up"...

Kool Player Barbers Lining Spritz gives a sharp, crisp clipper hairline without the use of a straight razor. Can be used for eyebrow arching as well as beard and mustache trimming.

Perfect For: 

  • Sharper Line
  • Edge-Up
  • Straight Tight
  • Crisp defined and reinforced hairline

Kool Player Anti-Bump Aloe-Shave Gel softens and cushions face, head, beard and personal areas for a great, smooth, close and nick-free moisturized shave.

  • Anti-Bump
  • Smooth Shaving
  • Razor Lining
  • Eyebrow Arching
  • Moisturizer

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